The Inside Story: “The Guild of Seers”

The Inside Story The “Inside story” is series of narratives describing the back story of the comic. Today we learn more about the Incarnum, the Guild of Seers

Long after the First Born departed from the world, great kingdoms of Men arose.  They first dwelt in scattered tribes across the continent of Maora, surviving as husbandmen or nomadic hunters.  But the threat of war from their brothers forced these colonies to find refuge beyond the open plains.  The vast, empty cities left behind by the First Born proved ready bulwarks.  There humanity forged the first governments, and discovered Magic.

Scattered across these abandoned cities was the remnant of the First Born’s knowledge.  The wisest among Men unlocked the secrets of this lore and they gained access to the hidden channels of the spirit realm.  They made contact with the Elves, the spirits of nature who could walk between both worlds.  Elves taught those who were able of their ways.  Such was the beginning of the Wizards.

These wizards became highly sought after for their knowledge of the mystical arts.  They became healers, councilors, teachers, and even military strategists.  Those kingdoms which employed wizard grew to preeminence.  Six great kings established bastions across Maora and fortified their realms.  These realms grew even greater as more people moved into them for protection, enriching them with their trades.

In the kingdom of Welsley there dwelt the most renowned wizard of his day, Lambast the Seer.  In his youth he had traveled to the lost city Qadorien and uncovered many secrets few others knew.  He spent many long days studying with the Elves and gained a second sight greater than any of his peers.  He returned to his homeland and quickly gained the trust of the king.

Through the guidance of Lambast, Welsley became the most prosperous of the Six Kingdoms.  On his advice a grand alliance was forged between the proud kings.  The dark forces which plagued humanity were for a time held at bay.  And many aspiring wizards traveled to learn from Lambast.

The wizard was willing to shoulder his many burdens and teach those who sought him out.  He discovered that, though most were able to achieve some level of ability with the Arts, very few could gain the second sight.  Such a rare and valuable gift, to peer into the hidden spirit realm, he believed should be nurtured and protected by those who possessed it.  He called to Welsley the greatest seers of Maora and they formed the Incarnum, the Guild of Seers.

The Guild’s first goal was to seek out and train those who could possess the second sight.  Their seers would traverse Maora to find potential candidates, encouraging them to join.  Of the other branches of the mystical arts, there were many teachers.  The Incarnum grew to become a grand university and an early center of power in the early days of Men.

How it fell from its eminence and retreated to the far North is another tale entirely…