A Pearl of Wisdom from Neil Gaiman

Make your writing time sacrosanct. Even if it’s only an hour a day. Either get up an hour earlier and write (Gene Wolfe wrote all his novels and short stories like this, until he was able to become a full-time writer) or take an hour in the evening, and head away from the world. But take the time, and make the time – the world won’t give it to you back unless you do something to reclaim it yourself.

(When I was a boy there was a man on the train I took to school who wrote detective thrillers. He wrote them on the train to London — an hour there, an hour home again at night — and took a pad of paper with him on his two hour commute. He wrote, and published, a book a year. That’s a lot of books.)

Scott Kurtz once gave similar advice to a young cartoonist in an episode of Webcomic Weekly.  It also rhymes with what I talk about in an upcoming article for Webcomics.com (a great resource for aspiring cartoonists).  You have to make time for what you love.  That includes anything creative you wish to accomplish.  I hope everyone who reads The Wizard of Quippley aspires to write or draw or make art of some kind.  Be good to yourself and make time to do it.

Neil writes a great deal of similar advice on his tumblr blog.