“The Infection Begins” a new story

Took a while, but here is a new short story. Continuing from my infection/survival serial. Not quite zombies, something much worse.

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He stumbled through the disaster that was once a lab room.  In the little light that was left he rummaged through desk drawers, closets and cabinets.  He finally found it in Mansen’s desk: a small vial of crystal clear liquid.  He pulled a clean syringe from his coat pocket and hastily filled it with the fluid.  With a less than steady hand he stuck the needle into his arm.  He breathed a little easier as he felt the medicine go in.

He stumbled over to a broken shard of glass and checked his face in the foggy reflection.  The spotted discoloration stretching from his neck to his chin seemed to be fading—but he wasn’t sure.  It would have to do, though.  It was his only hope.

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