Book News and an Update on the Schedule

That’s right I said BOOK. Finally after many years of working on the Wizard of Quippley webcomic, I will soon be releasing a book! I am currently preparing the first season of the story (approx. issues 1 through 52) to be ready for a collected edition. I’ve thought long and hard on how to do this, and decided it would be best to redraw the original comics, to ensure a higher quality of art and story. The story will be the same, but artwork will reflect my current skill level. Here is a sample of the pencils of page one:

book_page1_previewCompare that to the original issue here. There’s a big difference.

So while I prepare the comics for the book, I’ll be reducing the weekly schedule from 3 updates to 2. So every Tuesday and Thursday stop by for the continuing story of Algerbane and Peter the dwarf. Those who have been reading my recent blog posts can expect them at a varied schedule.

So now’s is a great time to get excited about the comic! Share it with your friends, neighbors and strangers on the street. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter, so you can easily share your favorite issues.


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