Writing up the wall: things I do between the pages


The book covers above are just a sample of what I’ve been reading the last few months.  In addition there are a few more novels, books of poetry (Dylan Thomas), various collections of world folklore (thank you public domain) and a few on writing.  This seems like an insane amount to read.  I think I read fast, but I also know the trick of reading a little each day.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and while The Left Hand of Darkness may not influence Quippley (actually that is the one book that might), something of it will ooze out of my head one day.

I’m  going to try to talk about how these books influence my ideas, and take a look at how the creative process works.  Last year I tried to chronicle a similar journey.  That stalled out, not because I stopped reading, but the books I forced myself to read were far too terrible to go on.  Maybe one day I will post my thoughts on Dead Witch Walking but I fear the evil that would be wrought through me by doing so (I really hated that book).

This process will be loose and I will post when something bubbles up and bursts.  Some of it may be of interest to you, some of it may not.  Maybe they’ll be a take away that will help you in your creative journey.  Or maybe you’ll find a good book to read.

Anyone interested in the above books, I’ll post links to them here and now:

The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin
The Maltese Falcon, by Dashiell Hammett
Foundation, by Isaac Asimove
Drawing of the Three, by Stephen King
The Man Who Was Thursday, G. K. Chesterton
Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher