Algerbane’s Dream Journal: “Crystalline Ocean”

Al's Dream Journal, Crystalline Ocean

My dreams have been troubled of late.  They lack the gray, simple tableaus that I usually see.  I cannot be sure of the cause.  Perhaps it is this city.  Such a large collection of adapts in one place might be creating an instability in the ether.  Magical stimuli is being drawn spontaneously, having adverse effects on my mind on a subconscious level.  The fabric between the worlds could be suffering irreparable damage, due to the constant experimentation and exploration.

Or it’s the clam chowder.

I found myself on a mountain of sand overlooking a purple sky.  Nebulae were bursting into coronas of gold, green, and autumn.  A strong wind swept across the mountain.  I was lifted into the air and tossed into a churning ocean.  But it was not composed of water, but crystalline worms.

The worms bore me up so I didn’t sink.  Slowly they wove in and out among each other.  A soft ringing floated from them.  By examining closely, I could see the sound was made by their constant movement.  I thought they were singing.  I could almost make out the words.

I leaned in to hear them better.  Somehow I knew they were speaking to me.  The noise was so familiar, but just out of reach.  In my frustration, I shouted out, “What are you trying to say!?”

The bulk of the crystalline creatures shuddered.  What I thought was singing turned into a roar.  A wave rose like a mighty hill over me.  I was powerless, I could not get away.  All my words, my knowledge, were useless against the tide.

I woke, still hearing the sound of the crashing waves.