Meet the Wizard of Quippley

Algerbane, the Wizard of QuippleyIt’s been a long road for Algerbane, the Wizard of Quippley.  After losing his family to the wicked Mordred, he’s traveled the land of Maora, stopping villains, uncovering secrets, and generally getting into a lot of trouble.  After a long time away, he has been summoned to New Augury, a haven for wizards, to train an important pupil.

Peter, the trusty dwarf sidekickPeter the dwarf is Al’s stalwart companion, despite the wizard’s best efforts.  Once a mercenary, Peter has weathered perils unimaginable and eaten foods indigestible.  He has been reunited with his pal for their greatest challenge yet.  In the city of wizards, he will learn to become a city guard, with his sights on the Captain of the Guard!

Darma, apprentice mageDarma is a young, but powerful, apprentice.  Some of the wisest wizards have tried to train her and failed.  Impetuous, head-strong, and fiery, Darma is more than a handful.  All she needs is a guiding hand to focus her energy and  talent.  Is Algerbane up to the task?  Probably not.


MayathaMayatha is a young wizard who once traveled with Al and Peter.  After facing harrowing dangers across dimensions, she’s become a mythical figure of unspeakable power.  But it’s come at a price.  She is severed from the world she loves and can only rarely visit it.

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