An artist’s checklist

BlogI’ve done this before, but for my writing.  This is more of personal “to-do” list.  Feel free to ignore it.  I’m writing it out here in my blog for posterity’s safe, and because it’s super cool to show the world the creative process I am undergoing as an artist–or something.  I forget what Kris Straub said about it.

I am getting dangerously close the one year anniversary of and the Wizard of Quippley webcomic.  It will be a small event, for sure, but I’ve learned not to despise the day of small things (thank you Zechariah).  But I will take the opportunity to re-evaluate the artwork of Quippley and decide how I should improve it.

It is an understatement to say the artwork’s changed over the past 9 months (see for yourself here and then here).  My main focus, though, had been to improve the digital side of the art, namely the colors.  I collected many books and found many valuable resources online pertaining to the subject.  And the work has definitely reflected my study of the craft.

Now I feel  need to return to fundamentals of drawing.  Colors aside, the overall execution of my comic needs improvement.  So here is the list of the areas I will focus on honing:

  1. Human (or otherwise) anatomy
  2. Shading and the like
  3. Perspective and the construction of scenery/backgrounds
  4. Adding greater detail to the “little things” (ie: clothing, props, scenery, etc)

So basically everything.  I also need to pick out a few artists whose work I admire and try to learn a few tricks from them.  So hopefully, by the second anniversary, the Wizard of Quippley will have improved exponentially.

And maybe I’ll feel good enough to do something crazy, like print a book.