Medieval village life

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Medieval villages consisted of a population comprised of mostly of farmers. Houses, barns sheds, and animal pens clustered around the center of the village, which was surrounded by plowed fields and pastures. Medieval society depended on the village for protection and a majority of people during these centuries called a village home. Most were born, toiled, married, had children and later died within the village, rarely venturing beyond its boundaries.

Is it wrong that I wish I lived in that time?  I think most of the world, throughout history, looked something like this.  It was a hard life, to be sure.  It was simplier, no ipads or SUV’s (no oil spills, either).  But it was a richer life, an honest life of honest work–centered around family, community, faith and love.

A part of me truly hates our modern society.  I find it bitterly ironic that my livelihood, that has brought me ample and lucrative work (web design) would not be possible in any other period of time.  In fact, even as a child I could not have stood up in class and said, “I want to be a web designer when I grow up”–because the profession didn’t exist.  Yet, had I been born in the depths of what we call the “Dark Ages,” I would have found fulfillment in tilling the earth, working with my hands.  I would have gone to bed each night–sore and worn out to be sure–but at peace that I was doing something important with my life.  I may not have been famous or accomplished some great literary work–but I would have been supporting my family and my community.

And that, I believe, is more significant than getting a book on the NYT’s list.