Algerbane’s new look for Year 2 preview!!!

This is a big deal folks.  I’m giving ya a sneak peak at Al’s new duds for the 2nd year of the comic.  The style is a bit more simplified than what it is normally in the comic–but you’ll get the idea.  It goes without saying that big new things will be going on in the upcoming year (Observant readers will notice something very interesting in the picture!).  Click on the thumbie for a full view of the changes:

Preview of Algerbane in Year 2
Preview of Algerbane in Year 2

Also new for Year 2: he’s going to be speaking in a British accent.  Up until now it was more Welsh.  Now, this may not be the final design for his clothes–and it will be a while until we actually see them on him.  Most likely, you’ll forget you’ve seen this by the time they show up in the comic, unless of course you bookmark this post.  But why would you do that, weirdo?

Anyway… keep your browsers tuned for Tuesday.  Year 1 is getting mind-numbingly intense.  Just 3 more issues until the mighty finale!

P.S: a more finished version of Al, including background and color highlights, will be posted soon!