A plug for Webcomics.com

Webcomics.com Banner

Occasionally someone will write me and ask a few questions about creating comics for the web.  I am always eager to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested.  Often I’ll point the perceptive creator to resources I’ve found immensely useful.  One of these resources is Webcomics.com.

It is the premier community for comic creators on the internet.  Whether you’re interested in making a ‘gag-a-day’ strip, or a long form comic (such as myself), you’ll find information invaluable to your craft.  The daily articles cover every conceivable topic relating to webcomics, from the creative, technical and business ends.  In addition to this, there is a lively forum where members can post questions and offer help to their colleagues.

The yearly subscription price is $30, but the benefits–including exclusive discounts for printing, Con-booths and more–far outweigh this nominal fee.

Those of you out there committed to pursuing webcomics would do well to join.