A few changes to the site…

BlogI added a couple of useful features to the right menu that I hope will make browsing the site a little easier.  The calender shows all the updates for a given month.  If you’ve missed anything, just click on the day and it will show you all the posts (and comic) from that date.  You can also click back to any other month–the the way back to September 2009 (the site launch).  Tip: comics fall on Tuesdays.

Another great feature is the “Browse Storyline” drop down box.  Believe it or not, the comic is actually broken up into parts, or ‘arcs.’  From this drop down you can jump to a particular arc in the storyline and read its issues.  This is especially useful to those of you who may have missed a few weeks and wanna jump back and refresh your memory of the story!

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  1. wow yeah i just used the dropdown. i’m likin it! like the calendar too. very useful tools.

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