“The Copper Mage” new story available on Amazon!

The Copper Mage eBook cover

Those who have been following my work for a while know that I love writing about funny wizards and luckless dwarves. And now I’m happy to announce my latest work, “The Copper Mage” is available on Amazon!

Trystle, Keeper of the Unnumbered Doors, is the Copper Mage. He is a master of the secret arts, protector of a chaotic and unpredictable universe. When the king of the elves asks him to save his planet, Trystle must confront a deadly blight known as the red caps. But this mage will have to overcome more than just poison-spitting goblins, if he can prevent a catastrophe of epic proportions. Perhaps a bumbling, unassuming dwarf can lend him a hand?
This story is in the tradition of my old webcomic, The Wizard of Quippley, but with steampunk and sci-fi elements woven in.

The Copper Mage is a quick read and only $2.99. If you enjoy the story, please feel free to leave an honest review.

More stories are on the way. Be sure to check back often for updates and news!