Working on my manuscript

In 2008 I began and finished my very first manuscript. It is a full-length adventure/suspense novel. I’ve started many stories before, but never finished a complete manuscript until then. Since September of that year, I’ve been pursuing a variety of options for getting my book public attention (this website being one of them).

Query letters to agents have yielded little success. So I started to get some of my creative work out into the world one way. Over the course of 2009 I moved to a new city, started a new job, and unfortunately had less time to pursue publication of my manuscript. With the new year looming, and the minutia of my personal life relatively settled, I’ve decided to turn my attention to back to my beloved book.
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Writing update

After my last entry, I went ahead and started writing , and within two days I had a finished short story! It’s called “Uprising” and it revolves around a character I had previously written about in my so-far unpublished manuscript.

I am contemplating what I should do with it.