Trying out a tablet

So far my comic-creation process has undergone a few changes (as can be noted by the comics themselves).  I originally penciled the artwork, then scanned it in, and then inked and colored it digitally.  The last few comics (and the next two coming up) I decided to ink by hand using art pens, then scan and color digitally.  The latest one I’m working on however, I’ve decided to try out ‘penciling’ it in photoshop.

This is something that I’ve been wanting to try out ever since I bought a tablet.  I am amazing at how well photoshop can replicate the pencil drawing experience.  You can even adjust your eraser to only lightly eraser your lines.

This isn’t something I intend to do for all my future comics, but the convenience of drafting my entire comic on the computer eliminates significant time and space constraints that have slowed down my process.  Hopefully I will find a better way to ink digitally and this whole thing can happen much faster.

I know speed isn’t as important as quality, but being able to eliminate the need to use paper could be a big boost to my production output.

Those curious, I’m using a basic Wacom Bamboo (newer version featured online) and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Scheduled Downtime

A few of you out there may know about my frustration revolving the downtime of my website.  As it turns out my host was experiencing problems with new hardware or some such.  In the process of resolving this issue, my site will be down for a few hours on Sunday through Monday, October 26th, beginning at 2:00 am and ending at 6:00 am.  Few people will be on at that time, so it shouldn’t impact the site too much–but I’d thought I’d post ahead of time, so any visitors won’t be alarmed.

Link to the Wizard with a banner!

I’m sure this is premature, but while I was working a forum signature, I decided to whip up a banner ad for the webcomic.  Although I do not intend to start advertising the website yet, it may prove useful in the future.

For those of you out there who would like to use this banner to link back to my comic, please do.

Make sure you download the image and upload to your own site/image server.  Enjoy!

The ongoing progress

There is one cardinal rule when it comes to webcomics: KEEP POSTING WEBCOMICS!! If you’re late or you fall behind, your visitors will get upset. But making regular updates is the hardest aspect of maintaining a webcomic website (smelling the irony?). It doesn’t help that most comic artist hate deadlines, so adhering to a self-imposed deadline is very difficult.
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