Issue 1: Algerbane Gets A Sword

In the tradition of Merlin, Gandalf, and Dumbledore I give you Algerbane: the Wizard of Quippley!  This is the VERY FIRST issue (or part, as I will be calling them) and already good o’ Al can’t keep himself out of trouble.  But, true to wizarding form, he is able to take care of himself.

But why does such an adept wizard need a sword in the first place?  Well, you’ll find out next week!

8 Replies to “Issue 1: Algerbane Gets A Sword”

  1. wow adam!! i love it, i love it!

    your drawing is just astounding. and i love the humor! very very funny.

    WOW WOW!! i’m so excited for you bro! i bet it feels great to finally have this up and going….woohoo brudderrr!

  2. hey so u can delete this comment after, but i just wanted to tell you that i think u have a typo, i think u meant to say well-fed instead of well-feed, or i am just a dummy… lol… (i figured i would want someone to tell me if it was me 🙂

  3. I’ve tried in three different browsers (more exactly, three versions of the same browser (Firefox)), but all I get is a small slice of the comic, cutting across the middle of the original comic page. Is it something to do with Firefox, is it a bug on the site or is it the way it’s supposed to be?

    1. Sorry about that Thorfinn. I switched over to a new WordPress theme (the old one was in desperate need of an update) and it’s giving me some trouble with the comic. I am working on a solution, but it might take some time.

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