Issue 2: The Mighty Borbanoth

This comic could also be titled, “Algerbane VS the Meathead.”  I had several versions of Borbanoth, from a barbarian to an orgish type character.  In the end I picked an obnoxious warrior.  I think it worked out quite well.

The question might arise of why did o’ Al need the sword if he just used magic to fry Borbanoth.  That’s a good point.  Stay tuned and you’ll find out (one day).  For now, just enjoy the wizard’s antics, kay?

6 Replies to “Issue 2: The Mighty Borbanoth”

  1. i really like your use of color here adam. esp the wizard. i know you are still tweaking, etc., but i really like his colors.
    all of the characters’ facial expressions are really quite amazing to me as well. it’s so neat how you can do that…that’s something that always draws me to the art i love…the way the artist conveys emotional expression through their work. and i’m def getting that in your comics here. i know your still tweaking n stuff, but just thought i’d share all that.

  2. @Gillian, These people seem to believe they can just run over him—probably because he is relatively small. Notice, they never try to determine whether there might—just might—be something they are missing… So, they deserve what they get!

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