Issue 50, “Mordred’s Moment”

Read the back story of the Dragon-Blood Clan to learn a little more about that seal.

Things are all coming to together for Mordred.  He’s all too close to achieving his plan.  How will Year 1 of the Wizard of Quippley end?  Just two more issues and you’ll find out!

5 Replies to “Issue 50, “Mordred’s Moment””

    1. After 52 issue, it will officially be a full year that the comic has been online (1 issuer per week, 52 weeks a year). I decided to mark the occasion by wrapping up the current events and starting a new chapter for Year 2.

      The main plot will continue, ie. Al and Peter’s quest to find his daughter.

    1. Ha, I think I grabbed those runes from a set I found via Google. The canon answer? They are ancient dwarven letters, whose translation was lost centuries ago. Peter doesn’t even know the translation (but he ain’t no scholar, either).

      But this gets me thinking… I’ll have to “find” the translation and make it available.

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