Issue 223: “How it Began”

After a terribly long hiatus, the comic is back! Today begins a new chapter in the series. We return to Algerbane, still stuck in the Mountain Kingdom with King Roht. But what we see in today’s comic will send us back to the very beginning of the Wizard of Quippley’s journey!

This is an excellent “jumping on” point for new readers, so if you have any friends you think might like the series, please share today comic with them. The upcoming stories will introduce Algerbane and the main story in a way that anyone can enjoy and follow.

Come back Wednesday, when we’ll visit a place we’ve heard a lot of about, but have yet to see!

5 thoughts on “Issue 223: “How it Began””

  1. It’s great to have you back! It was rough going that long without pie.

    Sir, you say “wise man” as if it were an insult. Do you doubt Al’s wisdom? How could you when he has such a magnificent beard?

  2. So good to have you back!!! I agree with my friend above – too long without my dwarf friend and Al…and all the rest of the gang!
    yeah!!! good good art work too! Well done!!!
    Welcome back!!!

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