Issue 224: “Lights among the Hills”

Hey look at that, Quippley! I had lots of fun drawing Algerbane’s hometown for the first time. I laid out all the hills and houses, the inn and blacksmith. Algerbane and his lovely wife Miryandru attend to the sick and injured of this humble farming village. They left behind an affluent life in the royal city, for the calm waters of obscurity.

But something from Al’s past will resurface and haunt his future. Find out this Friday!

To learn a little bit more about Quippley, read my short history of the village.

5 Replies to “Issue 224: “Lights among the Hills””

  1. Wow how cool!! Beautiful art work. How cool to be meeting Al’s wife!! I’m really looking forward to this story!! Ood job!!

  2. Sorry I made. Typo there. Good job. Don’t know why it changed it to ood. We’re not on Dr Who ☺

  3. Love the town drawing!! From the link, it sounds like a non-traveling traveling circus with built-in audience. I love the concept! A true avant-garde community.

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