Short Stories

Silas Black: Paranormal Private Eye

The Strange Case of Cradle Hills – Silas Black visits an old mining town in New Jersey to find a missing girl.

The Christmas Angel – Silas Black visits a medium a few days before Christmas.

Robert Asher: Occult Detective

The Impossible House Robert Asher is asked to retrieve an heirloom from an abandoned house. But it doesn’t seem very abandoned…

The World Within – Robert Asher is called to help a sick boy. But its his friend, Phillip Pettigrew, that has the real job to do.

Longshanks – Robert Asher goes hunting for a werewolf. He gets more than he expected.

Blood of the Saint – Robert Asher goes to Turkey to settle a matter with an ancient ghost.

The Ghost Bride – Robert Asher and his associate, Phillip Pettigrew, investigate a wedding gone afoul.

Oblivion – Robert Asher is asked to investigate a collection of artifacts. Things don’t go as planned.

Fire Caller – Robert Asher is an occult detective, who has been taken against his will to an mysterious mountain village. He won’t be happy with what he finds.

Short Stories


Muerte Azul – Genre: HORROR

A Vampire Love Story – A young girl and a vampire fall in love.  You’ve heard of it before, but not like this. Genre: COMEDY

Never Trust a Train Ride – Have I ever told you about this time I rode the subway? Genre: SCIENCE FICTION

The House with Two Sands – Jefferson and Noah visit an alien planet. They’re not happy with what they find. Genre: SCIENCE FICTION

Once – A fairy tale. Genre: FANTASY

Beyond the White Stars Part: 1, 2, 3 Genre: SCIENCE FICTION

Mr. Brandon Lukney  – A story about a man who has lost his fire and finds a way to bring it back. Genre: COMEDY

Fear – Alastair is the butler for an old forgotten mansion. His memories, though, never fade away. Genre: HORROR

Lore from the Comic

Below are some of the short narratives that describe the backstory of the Wizard of Quippley.

Part 1: The Village of Quippley – It is said that the town was settled by a mighty warrior.  It was not.

Part 2: The Dragon-Blood Clan – The day the dragons came upon the world the First Days died.  Too few remember the sacrifices made to stave off their terror.

Part 3: Qadorien and the First Days of the World – In the beginning there were the First Born, the earliest people to walk the earth.

Part 4: The Guild of Seers – The first school of magic was founded by Lambast the Seer, who possessed the second sight.

Part 5: The Tale of Mayatha and Alasande – Before Malethicar was a High Seer he was a young boy, in search of a safe haven for himself and his sister.