New online portfolio

I have moved my online portfolio to its new home at Those interested in viewing my work as a graphic & web designer can go there now. Anyone in need of a talented and committed designer can view samples of my past work and get in touch with me.

I’m debating whether or not I should feature it more prominently on the homepage. The Tales of Maora is about featuring my creative work, so it would make sense. But this portfolio is more about landing jobs as a web designer, a career from which I hope to depart sometime soon. This site is dedicated to my artwork and my writing.

Eventually, I imagine I’ll figure out a better way to incorporate the content of that portfolio into this website. Until then, it stands as a beacon of awesomeness to the world on its own.

Manuscript Revision Journal, part 2

After a brief break for the holidays I’ve returned to revising my manuscript. I finished chapter 1 and am on to the second. So far I am pleasantly surprised, most of what I’ve written has stood up after a year’s time. For the most part the text needs very little changing, just minor adjustments and flaws I now notice. I’m sure that will change once I get into the bulk of the work.

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Recooping after the holidays

The last ten days have been a blur as I celebrated Christmas with friends and family. Regular updates to the blog will be rather slow and I get back into the swing of things. The Wizard of Quippley will update on its normal schedule, though, barring and unforeseen intrusions.

Working on my manuscript

In 2008 I began and finished my very first manuscript. It is a full-length adventure/suspense novel. I’ve started many stories before, but never finished a complete manuscript until then. Since September of that year, I’ve been pursuing a variety of options for getting my book public attention (this website being one of them).

Query letters to agents have yielded little success. So I started to get some of my creative work out into the world one way. Over the course of 2009 I moved to a new city, started a new job, and unfortunately had less time to pursue publication of my manuscript. With the new year looming, and the minutia of my personal life relatively settled, I’ve decided to turn my attention to back to my beloved book.
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