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The Wizard of Quippley, Book One Available Now!

The Wizard of Quippley, Book OneWe’re about to embark on a new adventure with Algerbane and Peter.  It’s been a while.  These two have been through many adventures, some heroic, some less so.  This new one, well, we’ll just find out what it’ll be like.  Now is a great time to catch up on the story.  But why click through years of comics on this site, wasting virtual minutes of your time?

To help old and new readers alike get caught up on the WoQ, I’ve released The Wizard of Quippley, Book One.  This collection contains all the original comics in one, convenient package.  Don’t print out almost 300 pages to read on the bus or toilet.  This ebook comes in 2 flavors: PDF or CBZ, whichever you prefer.  Works on all devices.  And tastes great (disclaimer: do not try to eat ebook).

So grab your copy and spread the word to your friends, coworkers, family, and enemies!

Download the Wizard of Quippley, Book One (PDF).

Download the Wizard of Quippley, Book One (CBZ).

New Story: “Muerte Azul”

Muerte Azul

I’ve been hard at work for the last few years writing stories.  It’s part of the reason why comics have been so slow in coming.  Sorry, but when the spirit takes you, you just gotta obey.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting some of these fresh batches of fiction on the site.  First up, is Muerte Azul, a short little tale about a graduation after party.  Here is a sample:

By the time Kevin reached the hill, many more gray people were out.  They came out of the trees, out of the shadows.  None of them came out of the houses.  They glowed with an eerie light, like wisps floating across a swamp.  Altogether they moved in a silent rhythm.  More came up behind Kevin and he was forced to go with them.

The road went on for miles, but the gray people did not tire.  Kevin asked what was going on.  Only one responded, a short woman with branches in her hair, by holding a finger to her lips.  The road eventually reached a massive hill.  It was dotted with small stones.  The strangers were gathering at the summit.  Kevin was suddenly gripped with a desire to go home.  He tried to back away from the Great Hill.  The gray people held out their arms, blocking his path.  Kevin found himself getting closer to the top of the hill.

To read the full story, simply clicky the link: Muerte Azul, by Adam Casalino.

Check out all my other short fiction on the Extras page.

The Top 5: The Best in Fantasy Art

Top Fantasy Art
It may come as no surprise that collecting and studying fantasy art is a bit of a hobby of mine. You can say I’m obsessed with great art and artists (though I never call them at home). I’ve seen a lot of it and I want to share some of it with you. Below is a collection of the some of the best fantasy art and artists I’ve discovered online. All artists are given their appropriate credit, with links to their site if available.

Want to share some great fantasy art? Hit me up here (or: adam[at]talesofmaora.com) with the pictures or links.

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