A not-so-surprising influence: Harry Potter

BlogAs I continue my on-going series of fantasy influences of mine, it may come as no surprise to mention Harry Potter.

From June-July 2009 I blitzed through books 2-7, in hopes of being read up by the time “Half Blood Prince” was released in theatres.  I managed to finish all of them before seeing the movie—and of course was able to point out all the changes they made from the original story.

Around that time I was debating what to do with a book I had written a year earlier.  I was getting little attention from literary agents, not being Stephen King.  Without an agent I would never get published via a big press.  So I turned to the internet.

I realized I could produce my own website, featuring creative work of my own, and begin to build a fan-base around myself.  But—for some strange reason—I didn’t think strangers would want to visit a website simply for the writing.  So I figured—during a bout of insanity—that I would start a webcomic.

After being so engrossed in wizardly books, I figured I’d make a comic about one.  Beyond that, however, I don’t think there is much similarity between Harry Potter and my dear Algerbane.  I made it a point to omit wands from my comic, and any other overtly “Potterish” themes.  Aside from a few stabs at Rowling’s stories, my wizarding world is uniquely my own (of course, I’m sure there are those of you may disagree).

I will say Rowling’s inventiveness is truly inspiring.  Throughout her books, she introduced a variety of magical items of her own creation (hocruxes were particularly impressive).  That penchant for creating details in her work that are entirely new to fantasy (by and large) is something I try to emulate in my own.

Now if I could sell my story for an 8 movie deal…