The Inside Story: “The Dragon-Blood Clan”

The Inside Story

The “Inside story” is series of narratives describing the back story of the comic.  This week’s installment is all about the origins of the Dragon-Blood Clan.

It is said that those who rule the dragons, rule the world.  But to dominate the will of the indomitable is beyond the scope of mortal man.

In the First Days of the world the dragons were released from their hidden dwellings.  They brought great ruin upon early civilization, bringing an end to those halcyon times.  Death and destruction–on a scale never yet seen–drove the living to the brink of extinction.  It was only until the marshaled forces of good defeated the flying serpents that a semblance of peace could be restored.

On the day that Golgorath–the last dragon–was slain, its lair and breeding ground was sealed with a curse.  Any who dared to open the door and once again unleash the blight upon the earth would share in its destruction.  The surviving warriors swore an oath, to hide away its location and to prevent its door from ever opening.  The secret to returning the dragons to the world laid in their blood; only through their bloodshed would it be revealed.

Thus the Dragon-Blood Clan was formed.  The secret of the dragons was passed to each living member and when they toke their oath they received within themselves the means of protecting it.

In the ages to come, the Tale of the Dragons was passed from the old to the young, much like any other forgotten story.  And like those stories, few believed in the terror of those monsters.  The dragon became an oft-forgotten symbol of the past, used to adorn tavern signs and the crest of dusty shields.

The Dragon-Blood Clan was regarded to be like any other social club.  It’s members would meet often in the local pub, drinking and singing.  It was, in fact, for most people, a flimsy excuse to relax and unwind after a day’s labor.  Only the oldest members remembered its beginnings, and the significance of its symbolic initiation.

Inside story: “The Village of Quippley”

The Inside Story

The “Inside story” is series of narratives describing the back story of the comic.  This is the first story, all about the village of Quippley.

Quippley is a small town in the Northeast corner of the Old Continent, situated between the towns of Beans and Welshish-shire, just north of the Great Spear-Wood  and approx 15 miles west of the Sea.

The village was settled by Alabumbus Quippley, a curious and outspoken individual who departed (some say forced) from the city of Markton due to his radical views on pig care.  He found a small patch of unoccupied land some 40 miles west of the old city and set up shop.  He built a stand there, selling snouts–but discovered there was very little foot-traffic so far away from any majors road.  He tried several other ventures, all failing, until he implored his older brother for help.  Thomas Quippley begrudgingly relocated his family and turned the land into a barley farm.  The resulting community was named after him (Alabumbus was subsequently driven from the village after trying to wed his brother’s prized sow).

Because Quippley had the queer reputation for taking in outcasts, over the years more than just farmers settled there.  At first the original townsfolk did not welcome their unconventional neighbors, but when they saw the lucrative income brought in through their ways, many abandoned tilling the soil for card games, magic tricks and the occasional sword swallowing.  As the surrounding region developed, traffic increased, and the citizens of Quippley earned better wages through their unusual professions.

By the year 446, Quippley had grown to a staggering population of 43.  A small collection of traveling wizards settled in along its outskirts, content with living in relative quiet among the motley community.  Among this folk was a young wizard named Algerbane and his wife and daughter.  His experience in Quippley will be told in full in Year 2 of the Wizard of Quippley comic.