A Small, Sad Dwarf Part 3

A small sad dwarf part 1

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A small sad dwarf found an abandoned home. What will he find inside?

The small dwarf entered the house. Creaking, the door swung shut behind him. It was dark inside, but his eyes were slowly adjusting. He thought he saw a small, bouncing ball of light, floating just outside his reach.

Floorboards creaked as he explored the house. It wasn’t very impressive. Just a single room with a pair of beds in one corner, a fireplace with a rusting cookpot, and a table in another corner. The dwarf looked at an old shelf against the wall. Strange, brown lumps were stacked side by side. He assumed they used to be books.

Everything about the house was brown and dirt-covered. Dust was kicked up into the air as he walked around. He reached the table, pulling out its one chair. It was a chair for a much taller person. A man, perhaps.

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A Small, Sad Dwarf Part 1

A small sad dwarf part 1

A small sad dwarf sat at the end of the world. Everybody else’s time had come… why not his?

A small, sad dwarf sat on a stump, looking out on the rolling landscape in front of him. He didn’t remember his name or much of anything. A black army of clouds wafted up into the sky. In his mind, it looked like the souls of the world ascending into space.

He chewed a thin piece of straw. He didn’t know where the straw had come from. Little was left that could grow. The dwarf didn’t know why he was chewing the straw. Maybe, long ago, he liked to chew things. Or smoke thing. Or stick things in his mouth. He had forgotten.

The ground rumbled and the dwarf almost fell off the stump. That was good a reason as any to get up and move around. His legs were cramping something fierce and he assumed there wasn’t much use staring and the charred, desolate hills. Getting up, he reached up to the sky, craning his neck.

He let out a groan, it echoed, hanging in the air.

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New Story: “Blind”


New short story alert!  If you like mysterious, sci-fi thrillers, you might like Blind.

Here is a snippet:

“Just shut up and stay in the corner. Don’t move until I tell you to.”
Lena felt the rough hands move over her body. They seemed to be probing rather than groping. In her drug-induced grogginess she wondered if he was actually searching for injuries. She felt the hands attack the ropes at her wrists. They slackened, enough for her to move them freely. The man’s hands held hers for a moment, a clear sign that she was not to lift them. The blindfold he did not remove.
The wall was cold and slick with some kind of moisture. Judging from the smells it was not water. Lena’s back was sore, as was her legs that were folded up under her. By the pain she guessed she had been down there for some time. Reaching back into the recesses of her mind, she pulled at a memory. There was a lot of light and sound, but nothing coherent. Before that the party, the large house abnormally dark and full of strangers. Darkness clouded everything else until now.

Full story: Blind, science fiction story by Adam Casalino.

Out of the Darkness

This is part 2 from Friday’s post

Since the fall of Fort Haddoch, we have been fighting a losing war.  The land we acquired from out hard-fought conflict with the Normans are all but lost, as this ghost army and its cult of human followers snatch it from us.  Only our capital city is completely safe, thanks to the tireless efforts of our fighting men.

It was a cold spring during the first year of the war.  I was stationed at Gamling’s Hold.  The southern fortification had seen little action, but we were taking no chances.  Two thousand men—a pair battalions—were present, both at the garrison overlooking the falls and at the fort proper.  Gamling’s Hold was positioned in a wide valley beside the Singing River, a major artery to the capital.  If it fell, and with it the river, our country would be soon to follow.

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