More funny!

BlogI confess the last few comics have lacked the humor that is customary in Quippley; an unfortunate pitfall of charting an ongoing story.  I’ve tried to throw in a few jests between the drama, but sometimes comedy takes a back seat when the plot is developing.  Rest assured, those of you who favor Peter and his antics.  More are coming soon.

Just take a look at this snippet from next week’s comic:

What is that dang dwarf up to?  Be warned, this issue may ruffle some feathers (at least I HOPE).

Also, those of you who are more into the evolving story line, that isn’t going anywhere.  We’re still drawing tight the plot strings of our heroes’ visit at the Incarnum.  More will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Some thoughts on the current story arc…

BlogI am aware I’m (albeit subconsciously)  putting my own personal philosophies into the conflict between Algerbane and the Incarnum.  In this week’s issue we see Algerbane turning the tables on the so-called “High Seers.”  Their outrage stems from the fact that this outside wizard–though a legitimate wizard on all accounts–is challenging their motives and behaviors.  Because he is not a member of their little cabal,” they refuse to listen to him, despite the reality that there may be a traitor among them.

This sort of territorialism is rife among many circles in the real world–particularly Christian denominations, of which I was once a part.  Although they may be bonded by a common faith, they quarrel and fight and work against each other–much for the same reasons as our fictional players.  And despite the obvious reality that this sort of behavior will result in the destruction of their institutions and way of life, they continue to do it.  As someone who once had aspirations of entering Christian ministry, it was infuriating, so I had to get out.

That’s not to say The Wizard of Quippley contains a symbolic meaning other than its inherit story.  As I’ve said before, I am adamantly an un-fan of allegory, as was my role model J. R. R. Tolkien.  Any personal interpretation a reader may contrive from my comic is entirely their own, and I welcome that.  But it would be disingenuous of me to say that my personal experiences and views don’t enter in the story at all.  At its heart the driving force behind my comic is a desire to tell an epic and engaging tale, set in a fantasy world of my own creation.  Since childhood I’ve been captivated by such stories and with Quippley, I’ve finally ventured to tell my own.

In this current story arc, Algerbane is the unfortunate whipping boy of this magical institution.  Although he possesses knowledge and abilities that will inevitably aid the Guild, they treat him with disrespect and view him as a rival to their supremacy.  Their posturing and mistreatment of him will continue until something drastic happens.

I hope you will continue to share in Algerbane’s (and Peter’s) journey with me.  Many twists and turns await him as he pursues his ultimate goal.  Maybe in some small way this story will help give you fresh perspective on life, and enrich your day.