Manuscript revision update

As I sit here in bed (yes, really) sick and remorselessly missing a day of work, my thoughts roll back to that manuscript I wrote way back in 2008. A story upon which I placed a large focus of my life at the time, sadly now just floating in my personal limbo. I started “Short Thursdays” with the intent of pushing the writer’s edge of Tales of Maora, but I have yet to get any headway on revising my original manuscript, the one I wish to make a book.

But there is some good news! With the discovery of epub (and I admit I was a late-comer to the format) I have new vision with what I can do with my writing.  Along with putting my short stories in this format (making them available for free on the site) I will pursue epub for future writing ventures.

I also intend to continue revising my manuscript.

Refining Short Thursdays

Short Thursdays has been running for only 3 weeks and it is already a smash hit! (in my mind at least!) To develop this into a more legitimate project, I will be publishing the short stories in the open epub format. Folks with e-readers that can use this format will benefit from this. I plan to create a separate section of the website to catalogue all the stories. I hope to one day distribute full length novels in this format, so let’s hope I figure this out!

Those of you that don’t own a shiny e-reader will still be able to read the stories right here online.

For those that are unaware, Short Thursdays is the new literary feature of Tales of Maora. Every week I publish a new short story written by yours truly. Archives are easily accessible here, so go get reading!

“Beyond the White Stars Part 1,” Short Thursdays

It’s Thursday and that means a new short story.  This week is a sci-fi epic, “Beyond the White Stars,” part 1.

Download the pdf version for your e-reader.

“Beyond the White Stars,” Part 1, by Adam Casalino

The cruiser crashed painfully to the earth.  It skidded across the rain-slicked runway for several feet before coming to a stop.  The chief engineer came running from the observatory.  She jammed her hand into the emergency retrieval switch and held her breath as the crumpled hatch slowly rose.  To her relief the man inside was alive.
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Short Thursday, “Mr. Brandon Lukney”

Here is this week’s short story. Enjoy!

Download the pdf version for your e-reader.

“Mr. Brandon Lukney” by Adam Casalino

Brandon Lukney hated the sound of his own voice.  It didn’t help that he was a teacher.  He would climb the steps of the wooden podium, calmly clear his throat, and proceed to block out the next hour and a half  of his life as he lectured on European history.  Once the clock struck twelve he would wave his hands, dismissing the anxious-to-leave class, and slink down from the podium—exhausted and defeated.
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