Short Thurdays

Starting today, I will be adding a new short story every week.  It’s called Short Thurdays!  I wanted to feature some other stuff I do besides the comic on the site.  Hopefully you will enjoy it.  The first story is called “The Fear.”  It’s a ghost story.

Come back each Thursday for a new story.  Or click on the “Short Stories” link on the menu up top to read them all.

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The best advice on writing I’ve ever read

Thanks to my membership at, I found a link to a bunch of writing tips from very famous authors. Among the usual pretentious comments and obvious pet-peeves were a few great insights. The best was this:

Sound like yourself.

Seems pretty obvious. But as an aspiring writer, and an avid reader, I know that many writers do not do this. Many new writers  try to sound like someone famous, their favorite writer (or a successful writer) and fail miserably. I myself have stumbled countless times while trying to punch up my prose, worrying if it is “intelligent” enough or “interesting” enough. It never occurred to me that I should just write in my own voice.

That tip is worth all the books on writing you can find! It has certainly sent my current revising endeavor into a new direction.

To check out the full list of tips go here.

One day, one day…

I really hope to get my book published one day. How else can I get all my other books published? Anyway, I had been working on revising it at the beginning of the year, but some freelance web work has pushed that back onto the shelf.

I have been contemplating transitioning from web design into a full-time creative career, which includes my comic and writing. Although I don’t think this website is popular enough yet, that is my eventual goal. Oh how wonderful it would be to be free from the daily grind.

Alas, one day. One day.

Book revision, part 4

I think I’ve come a long way. I have highlighted many of the problems in my manuscript and created a sort of rough guideline on what I need to do. Many of the later chapters needed expanding; two could actually be moved up in the story; and certain details can be simplified/refined. Also, in light of the changes in my personal tastes/style, I’ve decided to in fact rewrite most of the story, starting from the first sentence.

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