Yogsportraits, the Best Guy Sips and Shakespear Sjin

Recently I begin doing a series of portraits of the Yogscast gang. I’ve been a long-time fan of those guys and wanted to do a unique tribute to them. The first two are done and posted over at my deviantart page, but here they are for you all.



Crazy stuff, I know, but I’m having fun. Hopefully the next installment will be ready by tomorrow.

If you’re not familiar with the Yogscast, but do enjoy video games and Minecraft, be sure to check out their stuff on Youtube.

X-Men First Class Trailer unveiled today

I can’t say I’m eagerly anticipating this movie, but after watching this trailer I was encouraged to see that the focus will be on Charles and Erik (aka: Prof X and Magneto). In my mind they have always been the core of the X-Men story, but often in the comics and such, they have been overlooked, the focus being more on Wolverine and other outlandish characters.

A solid movie based on two complex and compelling characters should be very good. However, how much the movies mirrors the trailer remains to be seen (trailers are often radically different than the movies they promote).