Inside story: “The Tale of Mayatha and Alasande”

The Inside Story

The “Inside story” is series of narratives describing the back story of the comic.  This week’s story is the tale of Mayatha and her brother, Alasande.

In the declining days of the Kingdom of Welsley there was a small estate in its northern reaches called Hilome.  There lived a baron, declining in years, with his young wife and two children.  The baron governed a small fiefdom, populated mostly by poor farmers and peasant workers.  As the baron advanced in age, his mind grew weak and he succumbed to insanity.  In this state he treated his people cruelly, demanding unreasonable taxes and punishing them without justice.

Eventually the day came when his people revolted.  They stormed the poorly guarded castle, intent on killing their hated ruler.  Before they could reach her chambers, the baron’s wife let her children, a boy and a girl, out a window–imploring them to seek safety.  The children escaped with their lives, though they never saw their parents again.

Alasande, was the boy.  He was only thirteen when his mother entrusted his infant sister, Mayatha, into his care.  He fled into the wilderness, huddling the child close, unsure of their fate.  As they struggled through the first cold night, alone in the dark woods, Alasande had a vision of their salvation.  He saw a bright tower, shining in the distance.  Although he had never seen it before, he knew the way, and that very night he carried his young sister to the Tower of Magi–and the Incarnum.

The mages of the tower welcomed in the destitute strangers.  When they learned of Alasande’s vision, they quickly tested him to see if he had the second sight.  To their amazement, the untrained boy possessed a foresight beyond their most seasoned seers.  He was immediately inducted into their Guild.  By age twenty he ascended to the rank of High Seer and was given a seat on the Council.

Mayatha’s involvement in the Incarnum was less than storied.  At the age of six–as was the custom–she was tested for the second sight.  Tragically (in the minds of the Guild) she did not possess the keen vision of her brother.  Reluctantly, they admitted her into their school, but her advancement was slow.  Mayatha however found inspiration in her brother and mastered the many schools of magic, despite the apparent discrimination by the Guild towards non-seers.

Alasande grew in influence over the Incarnum, donning the moniker of “Malethicar” to inspire awe and fear in the minds of his rivals.  His ties to his sister, however, never weakened; her survival and comfort in the Guild was his highest priority and he used what authority he possessed to ensure her needs.