(Almost) pulling my hair out.

Well I had some trouble posting today’s comic.  Not good for the second issue; but its a learning process, right?  I should have prepped the comic last night to automatically post at midnight on Tuesday.  Instead I walked into work this morning and realized I didn’t have today’s issue on my pocket hard drive.  Oops.

It’s not THAT big a deal.  I did post the first issue last Tuesday night.  Plus since I’m just starting out so it’s not as if the site is getting a billion hits a day.  But I’m a bit of a perfectionist, you see.  And not being ready on the second week of the site was disappointing.

So when I got to my home office, ready to indeed post at 6 pm, my site was down.  Very.  Frustrating.  I was so angry I actually got onto the live chat with my hosting company.  They gave me the usually placation line about bearing with them.  So I waited.  Two hours later, I’m here.

So that was today’s journey.

Next week, though, expect the comic to be up at midnight.  Goodness WordPress is fine!