The progress of the webcomic

I’d thought I would post about the on-going progress of my webcomic’s development.

Part 3 is coming tomorrow, but I am already at the coloring stage of part 6. I wish I had more done, so I could relax; as it stands now I need to make sure I am at least a few weeks ahead so I won’t fall behind. That last thing I want to do is miss a week so early on.

As far as scripting goes, I have up to part 23-24 written out. The story begins to really take shape at that point and we meet a few more jovial characters. Algerbane’s full missions isn’t revealed YET, but we start learning more about it. Of course, with a once-a-week update scheduled, we won’t be seeing those issues for a few more months. So stay tuned! It’s going to be good!