Manuscript Revision Journal, entry 3

As I re-read my manuscript, chapter by chapter, I feel the urge to completely re-write it growing. A year’s worth of experiences seemed to have changed my taste in prose tremendously and with each paragraph I realize I can do better.

There is also the problem of the plot. An entire novel-lengthed manuscript is a large fish to swallow. I don’t think I can properly evaluate the story in one quick read-through; I would invariably become bogged-down by minutia of prose and in “fixing” perceived mistakes overlook the greater problems my book faces.

I think I’ve come up with a solution. Although it pains me, I’ll have to break down my story into *gulp* outline form–highlighting the major points of each chapter. I think this will aid me in identifying any holes in the plot and bring it to a satifying conclusion.

I don’t believe my story is that far off. Hopefully soon it will be “perfected”, becoming a book worthy of a best-seller list. That’s the goal, at least.