A Work in Progress

Some of you may remember the black and white comic I did over last Christmas. The story is actually from a longer book I’ve been working on for the last year. I’ve decided to put more effort into finishing the first draft so, taking a lesson from my webcomic, I am going to start posting my progress every week (Saturday or Sunday) at my tumblr blog. This is purely to keep me motivated by creating an artificial deadline for myself; I want to write at least a page or two a week, hopefully more. My goal is in a year’s time to have it more or less finished and be able to move onto proofing and rewriting.

So if you’re interested in reading a Sci-fi adventure book, as it is being written, bookmark adamcasalino.tumblr.com. There are various opinions on whether or not a writer should “blog” his book as he writes it. So it’s going to be an experiment.  Just be advised that the story will change quite a bit before it’s finalized.

There are some early versions of Jonas Stone’s story on my other tumblr (along with other stories), if you’re interested.