Inside Story: “Qadorien and the First Days of the World”

The Inside Story

The “Inside story” is series of narratives describing the back story of the comic. This week’s story is about the First Days.

The Continent is the oldest part of the World.  Therein lies the six kingdoms of Humans–which continuously vie for control, the stalwart bastions of the Dwarves hewed in stone, and the shifting tribes of Elves–who silently plan their return to power.  Before it was split into such factions, the Continent was a whole–a land of peace and knowledge.

The earliest age of the World was known as the First Days.  Life was wild and untamed, free of the machinations that would subdue it in future times.  The realms of nature and the supernatural had no distinction; the spiritual walked uncloaked across the planes of the earth.  It was in this environment the first people dwelt.  Immersed in such knowledge and wisdom they grew strong.  Sickness and frailty were unknown to them, and so was warfare and greed.  These were the First Born, neither Humans nor Elves; unlike any other people who would come after.  They lived long lives and experienced a bliss that was lost to later ages.

But the World was not entirely pure.  Malevolent forces, from beyond time, sought to corrupt the purity of this infantile realm.  Fel beasts stalked the shadows of the woods.  Whispering spirits lured the unwise and childish into darkness and ruin.  Thus the First Born strove to quell such evil and spread their wisdom across the World.

They left the comfort of their native home and trekked across the Continent.  At various times certain members would settle into clans.  By their vast skill, these communities soon grew into cities–great beacons of light and justice.  From these cities the First Born spread their influence.

The greatest of these was Qadorien, “The City of Eternity.”  It was built in the Far North, where the cold of the Tundras crashed against the imposing Crown Mountains.  The city was foremost in education and craft.  Even the wise among the First Born traveled there to learn from Qadorien’s scholars.  This was due largely to the skill and wisdom of its founder, Eliasar, chief among the First Born.  He was heralded as the watchman and master of the city and would have been crowned king by his people, had he wished for such power.

Eliasar had a single son, Alastar.  In the days of his youth, Qadorien was besiege by a great evil.  Hordes of black wargs, imbued by the power of some evil spirit, ravaged the countryside about the city.  No one left Qadorien for fear of attack.  It was then that Alastar lead a troop of his companions in battle against the beasts.  They quickly prevailed, their power and might far greater than the groveling spirit that possessed the wolves.  Though they slew many of the creatures, they showed compassion when they repented–and the evil force was banished.

News of this victory spread to the other cities.  Alastar and his champions traveled across the Continent, ridding the land of the evil which plagued it.  At each city they trained new warriors, who vowed to defend their people.  In a year’s time they freed much of the Continent of its enemies and a period of unheralded peace swept over the World.  This halcyon time endured to the very end of the First Days, when impenetrable darkness corrupted the age and plunged all life into ruin.

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