Manuscript Revision Journal, part 2

After a brief break for the holidays I’ve returned to revising my manuscript. I finished chapter 1 and am on to the second. So far I am pleasantly surprised, most of what I’ve written has stood up after a year’s time. For the most part the text needs very little changing, just minor adjustments and flaws I now notice. I’m sure that will change once I get into the bulk of the work.

My concern is the main plot will need some significant adjustment in order to work better as an enjoyable story. Certain chapters need more detail, while I’m sure others need pruning. The finale definitely needs to be fixed, if not rewritten entirely. I feel the story sort of drops off at the end, without certain closure.

But for now, I’m on chapter 2. I’ll tackle the rest when I get to it.

2 Replies to “Manuscript Revision Journal, part 2”

  1. I enjoy reading about the mechanics of your book-writing….helps me in mine you know? I found when living and commuting in NYC that if I went to a place like a Borders or barnes and nobles I’d sit in there and its quiet. Also are you anywhere near a church or a library? Also quiet places to work or think or pray. Just some of the places I’d go on my lunch breaks. enjoying your blog!!

  2. I still mean to read the manuscript but the price I got from Staples to print it out was like $68 and that just didn’t seem right..I should probably follow up with that.

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