Manuscript revision update

As I sit here in bed (yes, really) sick and remorselessly missing a day of work, my thoughts roll back to that manuscript I wrote way back in 2008. A story upon which I placed a large focus of my life at the time, sadly now just floating in my personal limbo. I started “Short Thursdays” with the intent of pushing the writer’s edge of Tales of Maora, but I have yet to get any headway on revising my original manuscript, the one I wish to make a book.

But there is some good news! With the discovery of epub (and I admit I was a late-comer to the format) I have new vision with what I can do with my writing.  Along with putting my short stories in this format (making them available for free on the site) I will pursue epub for future writing ventures.

I also intend to continue revising my manuscript.

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  1. awesome adam. thanks for keeping us posted. i like knowing what’s going on! 🙂
    i’m sorry you’ve been sick, poooo! i hope you feel better quickly.

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