The Sand Dragon – Al’s Dream Journal

Al's Dream Journal

I found myself on the precipice of a tall mountain. Beneath me I could see a great expanse of land. I could see cities, mountains, and myriad villages dotted throughout. But I saw no foliage. No green of any kind.

As I watched the Sun and Moon cycle over this landscape, the ground began to shake. A great hole opened up in the middle of the world and out emerged a great beast. The beast had the shape and size of a dragon, one of the long forgotten legends of our time, but it was made of sand.

The creature soared above the land, spreading its tawny winds out.  They spanned the width of my vision, encompassing the whole world. I knew the dragon was my enemy. It looked at me with burning eyes.

I spoke to the sand dragon, commanding it to cease threatening this world. It croaked like a booming thunder, peals of lightning arcing from its teeth. I extended my hand and there appeared a sword. I was lifted from the ground and flew at the monster like an arrow.

My sword cut the dragon deep, but the sand coalesced to fill each wound. It snapped its jaws at me, I narrowly escaping each time. My sword sung as I slashed at my foe, the sound of its metal passing through it like waves.

The longer we fought, the more tired it became. I knew sooner of later, the dragon would be defeated. Grabbing me in its claws, it climbed. We got closer and closer to the yellow ball of the sun. When the world was merely a speck, he let me go. I fell rapidly toward the earth, powerless to stop my descent.

Above me I saw the dragon open its jaws. A torrent of sand came crashing down after me. Before I ever hit the ground, I was swallowed up in the cascade.

I felt myself hit the earth, but all was dark. I was enveloped in choking sand, the roars of the dragon still in my ears.

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