Issue 304: “Geography, Whatever THAT Is…”

Peter’s stuck in a strange land.  Do you spot anything interesting in the distance?  Perhaps the lil’ guy can go exploring.  Oh, he’s sat down.  He’ll be there for a while.

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Dwaglir, the Brown Dwarf!

Hey everyone, I did a new piece of one of the Brundun, the dwarves of the Black Dunes. I really liked these guys, and will probably do something with them in the future. You can view a larger version of the image on my tumblr. The Brundun appeared in the Goblin Wars comic, that you can read right here.

Look at them legs!

It’s kind of a challenge, drawing a dwarf.  His proportions are much different than a regular person.  I have to use certain “tricks” to emphasize his lovable stature and appearance.  It’s not enough just to make him shorter than Al; his hands and head tend to be larger, also I usually make his legs very short and almost non-existent.  Giving him substantial legs of any length tends to make him look too big.  But here, today, is a sketch with those luscious gams, in full glory:

Look, he’s got knees!  Even in this pic, you can see he seems taller.  It’s a challenge, to say the least.  So I usually exaggerate by making them legs as short as possible.  Giving him a tunic/chainmail skirt helps as well.

This is also why Peter tends to look more “cartoony” than the other characters.  That also helps to make him a funny, funny guy.

Well, that’s all for the art lesson today.