The Wizard of Quippley, Book One Available Now!

The Wizard of Quippley, Book OneWe’re about to embark on a new adventure with Algerbane and Peter.  It’s been a while.  These two have been through many adventures, some heroic, some less so.  This new one, well, we’ll just find out what it’ll be like.  Now is a great time to catch up on the story.  But why click through years of comics on this site, wasting virtual minutes of your time?

To help old and new readers alike get caught up on the WoQ, I’ve released The Wizard of Quippley, Book One.  This collection contains all the original comics in one, convenient package.  Don’t print out almost 300 pages to read on the bus or toilet.  This ebook comes in 2 flavors: PDF or CBZ, whichever you prefer.  Works on all devices.  And tastes great (disclaimer: do not try to eat ebook).

So grab your copy and spread the word to your friends, coworkers, family, and enemies!

Download the Wizard of Quippley, Book One (PDF).

Download the Wizard of Quippley, Book One (CBZ).

Look at them legs!

It’s kind of a challenge, drawing a dwarf.  His proportions are much different than a regular person.  I have to use certain “tricks” to emphasize his lovable stature and appearance.  It’s not enough just to make him shorter than Al; his hands and head tend to be larger, also I usually make his legs very short and almost non-existent.  Giving him substantial legs of any length tends to make him look too big.  But here, today, is a sketch with those luscious gams, in full glory:

Look, he’s got knees!  Even in this pic, you can see he seems taller.  It’s a challenge, to say the least.  So I usually exaggerate by making them legs as short as possible.  Giving him a tunic/chainmail skirt helps as well.

This is also why Peter tends to look more “cartoony” than the other characters.  That also helps to make him a funny, funny guy.

Well, that’s all for the art lesson today.

Cowboy Algerbane!

Those of you who follow the comic’s twitter or Facebook page got a sneak peak to the following silliness.  On a whim I decided to draw what I think Algerbane would look like had he lived in the Old West.  I figured he’d be a sheriff, with a gun instead of a stave (since they all had guns, I suppose)–though I did sneak him a magic ring.  Take a gander below (clicky for large):

Western/Cowboy Algerbane

Here’s a sketch of Al, sans hat, possibly at the ol’ saloon:

Western/Cowboy Algerbane at Saloon

I really got a kick out of this lil’ diversion.  I wish I could come up with a fun western comic, but I don’t think I know enough about the era to make it believable.  Yes, I don’t really know enough about the middle ages to write The Wizard of Quippley, but with high fantasy, it’s easier to fake =P.  I might add some color to the first sketch and put up on my deviantart page.