The Legend of Jonas Stone, part 1

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Here is the first installment of a new short story I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.  The story’s not done yet, but I thought I’d put portions of it up online, so I can motivate myself to finish it in a timely manner.

If you like it and want to see more, let me know!  If you have thoughts about the story, leave a comment on my webzone. To find more of my writing on the site, click the “Extras” button at the top of this page, or search keyword: “writing.”

The Legend of Jonas Stone by Adam Casalino

Part 1: The Prologue


Jonas crouched under the bed.  The thick blanket he normally used for warmth was wrapped around him, a vain layer of protection from the chaos without.  The rumbling had long ago stopped, so had the screaming, but Jonas stayed hidden.  He was alone, huddled together with only his fears.  The nightmares that once plagued his sleep had somehow come alive, and there was no one to help.

He would have stayed under that bed forever, but the growing heat from the last of the fires pushed him to seek fresh air.  His bedroom was a wreck.  What little he could see as he stumbled through the smoky blackness told him all his possessions were gone.  His toys, his books, the clothes and everything else his mother and father had given him, were lost.  The fire and falling debris had destroyed it all.

The rest of the house was no better.  Jonas, still cloaked in his blanket, rushed from room to room.  The once familiar setting was unrecognizable.  There was no one else in the house.  His family must have gone outside.  He searched for a means of escape.  The front door was blocked with rubble, the windows gapping maws with jagged glass teeth.  He climbed atop what was left of the kitchen counter and squeezed through the small eyelet that was above the sink.  It was now the second time his small size saved his life.

Once outside, Jonas was greeted with the usual harsh cold to which he was accustomed.  He was thankful he held onto his blanket.  He feet were unshod, however, and they quickly grew numb as he traipsed through the snow.  Billowing columns of smoke obscured the land surrounding the house.  Jonas could see little.  He called out for his family.  The must be nearby.

He tried to find front of the house.  Through the smoke he could see the low stone fence and the winding trail to the road.  He could faintly make out the white mountains that overlooked their fields.  He turned left, the direction of the speeder lot.  Maybe they made it to the speeders, to go for help.  Maybe they got away safely.

The last he saw of any of his family was his sister Emily, who carried him to his room as the sky went black and the strange men appeared.  He tripped over something, something hidden by the smoke and snow.  It looked like his sister’s silver-blue coat, the one with the fur collar.  But what was inside was not his sister.  It looked like a person, a person terribly burned.  It didn’t speak or try to move.  An unlucky gust of wind pushed more smoke away and he could see other burned people, still wearing clothes that looked like his family’s.  Another was on the ground reaching for the one in Emily’s coat.  The rest were sitting in a broken speeder.

Jonas sat down in the snow.  Slowly it began to dawn on him that these people  were his family.  Someone had killed them and destroyed their home.  Jonas, the youngest of the family, was the only one who survived.  Cold and alone, he started to cry.

“A Vampire Love Story” – Short Thursdays

Who says I don’t have a romantic side? Enjoy this week’s short. You can find the pdf version here.

A Vampire Love Story by Adam Casalino

They stood in a circle of moonlight in a small forest clearing.  The trees surrounded them like silent sentinels, guardians of this one precious moment.  He was tall and pale of skin.  The glowing moon shined in his eyes.  She stood, shivering in his arms—not because she was cold—but because being close to him was almost too much for her to bear.
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“Never Trust a Train Ride” – Short Thursdays

Here’s another science fiction story for ya! Go get the pdf version (for all you Kindle types!).

Never Trust a Train Ride

I begrudgingly stepped into the subway car.  It smelled—bad.  A homeless person had spent the night on one of the benches.  Most of the idiots in the car stayed at the other end.  The train lurched forward and I grabbed onto the bar so I wouldn’t fall.

After and eternity of counting stops we neared mine.  First stop in Manhattan was Wall Street, then Fulton.  In the few seconds between Fulton Street and Park Place something happened.  I couldn’t tell—nobody could.  We were underground.  The thunderous booms sounded no different than the usual hysteria of the subway tunnels.  Park Place.  I got off, hauling my too-heavy bag over my shoulder.

It was early.  Only one other person followed me up the escalator and to the station.  The MTA attendant wasn’t in the booth—that was normal, I never knew where they were.  As I rounded the corner leading to the stairs, I noted the unusual amount of daylight streaming into the corridor.  It was as if the Sun was shining directly into the stairwell.  The guy behind me groaned and passed me as I hesitated.  It was that one-second pause that saved my life.
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“The House with Two Sands” – Short Thursdays

Short Thursdays is back! This week is another science fiction tale.

Download the pdf version for e-readers.

The House with Two Sands
by Adam Casalino

The craft touched down on pale soil.  It sunk a little in the uncertain ground.  They powered down and two me stepped out.  Through their oxygen masks they looked out at their new surroundings.  Slowly they took their first steps toward the alien settlement.

Jefferson, the captain, approached the first structure.  In many ways it was like a house on earth.  As they explored the town the men were amazed to discover how much it resembled their home.  Except they were 15 light-years from the Solar System—and the planet was completely empty.
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