“Never Trust a Train Ride” – Short Thursdays

Here’s another science fiction story for ya! Go get the pdf version (for all you Kindle types!).

Never Trust a Train Ride

I begrudgingly stepped into the subway car.  It smelled—bad.  A homeless person had spent the night on one of the benches.  Most of the idiots in the car stayed at the other end.  The train lurched forward and I grabbed onto the bar so I wouldn’t fall.

After and eternity of counting stops we neared mine.  First stop in Manhattan was Wall Street, then Fulton.  In the few seconds between Fulton Street and Park Place something happened.  I couldn’t tell—nobody could.  We were underground.  The thunderous booms sounded no different than the usual hysteria of the subway tunnels.  Park Place.  I got off, hauling my too-heavy bag over my shoulder.

It was early.  Only one other person followed me up the escalator and to the station.  The MTA attendant wasn’t in the booth—that was normal, I never knew where they were.  As I rounded the corner leading to the stairs, I noted the unusual amount of daylight streaming into the corridor.  It was as if the Sun was shining directly into the stairwell.  The guy behind me groaned and passed me as I hesitated.  It was that one-second pause that saved my life.
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“The House with Two Sands” – Short Thursdays

Short Thursdays is back! This week is another science fiction tale.

Download the pdf version for e-readers.

The House with Two Sands
by Adam Casalino

The craft touched down on pale soil.  It sunk a little in the uncertain ground.  They powered down and two me stepped out.  Through their oxygen masks they looked out at their new surroundings.  Slowly they took their first steps toward the alien settlement.

Jefferson, the captain, approached the first structure.  In many ways it was like a house on earth.  As they explored the town the men were amazed to discover how much it resembled their home.  Except they were 15 light-years from the Solar System—and the planet was completely empty.
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“Once” – Short Thursdays

This week’s short story is “Once,” a fantasy fairy tale.  One  a side note, I have decided to nix offering the stories in epub in exchange for pdf.  Epub just didn’t work out for now.

Download the pdf version.

“Once” by Adam Casalino

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Andrew.  He lived on the outskirts of a small village with his mother and father.  His father was a woodsman and spent each day providing for his family from the spoils of the forest.  His mother stayed at home and put the care and nurture a family needs into their daily lives.  Andrew spent his days exploring the rolling hills and green fields that were plentiful around his house.  It was a happy life, the only life the boy knew.
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